The artist in her studio

The artist in her studio


Lucienne Rappaport started painting when she was a teenager in Lausanne, Switzerland. She got married at age 19 and moved to the United States. As an immigrant who spoke very little english, she had to adapt quickly. She and her husband Mel had three children and Lucienne's life revolved around them. As the children have grown so did her desire to resume painting. She has always been involved in growing in her artistic expression by taking courses from artists who inspired her such as Mel Stabin.

Her work has been exhibited in a solo shows in NYC , New York,  throughout the Lehigh Valley, PA. 

She was involved in the Lehigh Valley Art scene for many years as an active member in the Bethlehem Palette Club and the Lehigh Art Alliance. She has won numerous awards locally and regionally. She has her work in private collections in Europe and throughout the USA.

Lucienne's interest in teaching began when she was the workshop coordinator for the Bethlehem Palette Club. She is able to use her experience and people skills to present an invigorating and challenging experience to the students while they express their education in an exciting new fashion.